Mannerist school oil on canvas

Circa 16th Century Mannerist School Oil on Canvas

Sold $10,500  The portrait of a standing child figure, her body turned sharply in a twisting pose with billowing red cloak and holding a thin blue ribbon tied to the collar of a powerful Molossus type dog, to the figure’s proper right is a second smaller dog and the background is a series of architectural […]

Fine Large Louis Vuitton Traveling Wardrobe

Louis Vuitton Traveling Wardrobe

Sold $11,000  The large traveling wardrobe is covered in LV stenciled canvas trimmed in leather and wood reinforced with brass fittings, rivets and other hardware, along with the original strap handle top end, all stamped LV or branded L. VUITTON, along with every hinge and lock. The interior is, as shown, configured with original pant […]

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