We Know Who Wants Your Parents’ Stuff!

Forbes, PBS, NBC, Social Media, and even some auctioneers are reporting that “no one wants your parent’s stuff”. Not true.

An Original Circa 1816 Lemuel Curtis Girandole Banjo Clock, Sold $61,360

An Original Circa 1816 Lemuel Curtis Girandole Banjo Clock, Sold for $61,360

They’re out there and we know who they are. We know how they think. We know what they want. We know how much they’ll pay. We know and understand the services and assurances they want and why they need them. We know what will happen if they don’t get them. We know how to get their highest, most competitive bids.

Whether they bid from across town or across the globe:
We know how to Get The Job Done.
And we know you too.

Knowing and pleasing the buyers is the very best way we know to properly serve our most important boss – you – the seller.

Yes, we know and understand the buyers. But rest assured we also know full well the wants and the needs of you – the seller. In fact… after 30 years in the business, we probably know these things better than you do.

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You want and need us to provide:
  • Protection
  • You need the protection that only our documented insurance coverage will provide, naming you, the seller, as co-insured. And all the insurance coverage in the world is useless without an iron-clad inventory of the insured merchandise.
  • Accountability
    • A clear, concise, comprehensive inventory of the property you entrust to us, your auctioneer, is an absolute must to ensure accountability and to ensure effective insurance coverage. A healthful night’s rest is included at no extra charge.
  • Safety and Security
    • A walk-in vault, monitored alarm, video surveillance and climate-controlled storage in the 15,000 square foot space where we work every day provides security for all items consigned to us for auction.
  • Presentation
    • Without the proper presentation, executed with a high level of professionalism, an auction is only liquidation. We don’t do liquidation. We employ professional photographers, knowledgeable appraisers, industry authorities, Internet Technology specialists, and a money-back guarantee to entice high-paying bidders.
  • Advertising
    • We believe the two most essential components of your advertising campaign are understanding and overkill. A proper understanding of the product, the market, and the buyer is only maximized by an advertising campaign executed with at least a touch of overkill. An auctioneer who’s afraid of wasting a little money on advertising will instead waste a little of your money – maybe a lot of your money. Without aggressive, effective marketing strategies an auction is only a liquidation. We’re not interested in handling liquidations.
  • Execution
    • On auction day, we say blow it up, open it up, get those bids however and from wherever the buyers want to give them, make it happen even if it means more headaches and expense for the auctioneer. That’s what we do on auction day; whatever it takes to Get The Job Done.
  • Delivery
    • Deliver the goods, literally and figuratively. In an era where Amazon is testing 30-minute drone delivery systems, a truly qualified auctioneer taking full advantage of today’s Internet must provide complete FULL-SERVICE worldwide packing, crating, shipping, and delivery options to their BUYERS in order to achieve maximum results for their SELLERS. In Kansas City, only Soulis Auctions does this. We do whatever it takes to keep building those relationships all around the world. We also provide free delivery across town. (does your auctioneer do that?) It’s not that hard. You just have to be willing to take it on and weather the headaches and expense of it all. Headache and expense for us, the auctioneer, means more money for you, the seller.
  • Presence
    • Here today. Here tomorrow. Here with humble beginnings in 1984. Here with innovation in 1999 (among the very first in the world to stream a live Internet auction event, ever, the first, in the entire world, 1999). Here with ongoing innovation. Here with the highest levels of experience. Here with the highest levels of service. Here with the greatest auction infrastructure in the region by far, bar none, easily proven. Here to innovate some more. Here to see what happens next. Here to Get The Job Done.
  • You want someone who can
    • Get. The Job. Done.

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