Summer is in full swing and in full bloom. A great time of year, but not the greatest time of year to grab the attention of bidders and vie for their discretionary dollars. So, for the highest bids possible, we encourage our sellers to be patient and wait until there are fewer distractions.

While everyone enjoys the summer break, we’ll be meeting with clients, securing the most interesting material we can find, and preparing for a full fall schedule. Then, when the earth’s axis (and the attention of the buying public), tilt another way, we’ll have you a full slate of interesting objects, ready and up for bid.

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Soulis Auctions is a Midwest regional powerhouse known around the world for punching far outside their weight class in regard to the quality of their offerings and the prices they achieve.

The Soulis team of friendly, full-time, seasoned professionals defines an auction as a live event conducted by an actual auctioneer. An advocate for the seller who enlightens bidders with fact-based knowledge, encouraging them to raise their bids in real time live from the gallery floor, live over the multiple Internet bidding platforms, and live by telephone in competition with those participating by proxy.

During the auction, attendees enjoy free catered breakfast, lunch and refreshments. After the auction, winning bidders appreciate seamless delivery options from our *Top-Rated in-house shipping department.

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