Circa 16th Century Mannerist School Oil on Canvas

Mannerist school oil on canvas
Sold $10,500

The portrait of a standing child figure, her body turned sharply in a twisting pose with billowing red cloak and holding a thin blue ribbon tied to the collar of a powerful Molossus type dog, to the figure’s proper right is a second smaller dog and the background is a series of architectural views; the larger dog’s collar bears partially visible lettering that includes what appears to be the surname Cornelius, there are no other signatures or markings. Displayed in an outstanding carved and gilded circa 17th century frame of tied laurel leaf carved from what appears to be walnut and in exceptionally high relief, the corners are dovetailed and joined by wood pegs, a forged iron hanger remains on the top crest.

The painting measures 44.5 x 37 inches, the frame measures 52 x 44 inches.




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