A Rare Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk With Fitted Interior

An NPR reporter recently polled 1057 ladies and established that women
in America own, on average, nineteen pairs of shoes (but only wear four or
five). That average was much lower in the 1920s and 1930s when this Louis
Vuitton trunk was in service. The average back then would certainly have
been lower if not for the Flapper that owned this rare, special-order Coffre
a’ Chaussures. With space for twenty-five kicks while on vacay alone, who
knows how many pairs were in her closet?

This fine and rare example was stamped with the LV monogram
on every rivet, lock, hinge and handle. After fierce competition
in our Fall 2023 Gallery Auction, it crossed the pond once more,
selling to a German buyer for $36,000.

Sold $36,000
October 14, 2023 October Gallery Auction

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