50 Year Estate Collection of

Toys, Bears, Dolls and Character Items


  • A Collection of more than 60 Antique and Vintage Teddy Bears
  • Steiff Bears, Animals, Hand Puppets, Dolls, Etc.
  • A Large Collection of Children’s Books 1880 to 1950
  • A Collection of Doll Dishes and Baby Dishes with Characters
  • Vintage Holiday Items including Santa Claus, Easter, etc.
  • Many Boxed Wind-up, Battery Op and Other Toys, Games and Vehicles
  • Collections of Pin-back Buttons, Radio Premiums and Cracker Jack Premiums
  • Cast Iron and Pressed Steel Cars and Trucks
  • Farm and other Cast Toys
  • Tons of Character Items from Pie-eyed Mickey to Dick Tracy to The Flintstones
  • Many Walt Disney Related Toys, Books and Character Items
  • Akro Agate and Painted China Marbles
  • Postcard albums with themes including Teddy Bears and Santa Claus
  • Albums of Victorian and Other Valentines, Trade Trade Cards, Etc.
  • French and German Bisque Head Dolls up to 36 Inches
  • 100s of Britains Soldiers Boxed and Otherwise
  • Bakelite (Catlin) Disney and Other Pencil Sharpeners and Napkin Rings